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A man wears many masks—and they all fit.

A year on from the case that nearly cost him his life, private detective Thaddeus Grayle now makes a quiet living through insurance tail-jobs and corporate background checks. Unfortunately for him, a baffling new case with the promise of a big pay-off is proving too tempting to walk away from.

A depressed—but very wealthy—City banker has vanished, leaving his family penniless and the police with no answers. It's the perfect case for a PI with little to lose—until Grayle unravels the truth behind the missing man's family and their desperation to find him.

Returning once more to London's underworld, including gangster-run gambling dens, a billionaire ex-heroin smuggler and a sociopathic, curry-loving loan shark, Grayle must somehow stay alive long enough to save a man who might not even want to be saved.

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